Time-Definite Delivery

As an IATA agent for all major airlines, Crossfreight Logistics provides the complete range of air freight services, from pick-up at origins, multiple consolidation and customs clearance, all the way through to delivery to end customers. With our global air freight network, we’ve got your business and markets covered anywhere in the world.

For your peace of mind we operate around the clock to ensure that your products reach their destinations within the shortest possible transit time with optimal routings and cost-efficiency. 

Direct transport

Straight to the destination without reloading: as an airfreight service provider we use fixed flight schedules by top-class carriers with specified transit times, reliable rates and the highest levels of security.

Consolidated services

On time according to schedule: you choose when your airfreight shipment arrives at its destination – in 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours. Crossfreight Logistics delivers all around the globe for you.

Charter transportation

Flexible when it is important: Crossfreight Logistics charters the right capacity and the required aircraft type for your air transport – even with the shortest of notices. You decide if you require a part or even a full charter.